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Enhance your personal and professional development through new connections and established networks.

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Working with you

  • Did your time at Charité enable you to make valuable experiences? Would you like to pass this knowledge on by volunteering as a mentor to early career researchers?
  • Would you like to get involved as an Alumni Ambassador or make a donation to Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin?

Your support helps to shape what we do!

Regardless of whether you want to speak at a Charité Alumni event, teach ‘soft skills’ tips to our students, provide advice to our new nursing recruits or help organize Alumni activities.

We are grateful for your support and look forward to working with you!


How to get involved as one of our Alumni

A few options are open to you if you wish to get involved. These are listed below. You could, for instance,

  • Use your specific professional expertise as an honorary consultant for Charité on a voluntary basis, or you could become an ambassador and represent the organization to the outside world.
  • Use your useful connections to interesting individuals and/or pioneering companies in order to recruit engaging speakers and/or potentially important future partners. 
  • Use your experience as one of our mentors, supporting junior colleagues with their career planning and development; take part in our buddy program, supporting like-minded new recruits to make their start at Charité a little easier.
  • Help our Alumni Team by becoming a contributing writer (e.g. for event reporting), or become a forum administrator, working with us on internal communication.
  • Use your photography skills to take pictures for us at events or use your organizational skills to support our event planning efforts.
  • Suggest an idea you have had.


Become a member

You may have left Charité but would still like to contribute? - become a member of Charité Alumni today.

Contact us

Your help in any area – whether on a regular basis or as a one-off – will be much appreciated! Please get in contact with us to discuss potential options.