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5x5K team relay race at Berlin’s Tiergarten

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First-ever entry for Charité alumni

The figures for this year’s 5x5K team relay race were certainly impressive. Held this past Thursday, the event drew some 9,500 runners (across 1,900 relay teams) to Berlin’s Tiergarten, along with sports fans from their companies. Charité once again paid the entry fees for about 200 teams this year, so nearly 1,000 runners got the chance to embody Charité’s motto “Zusammen ein Ganzes” (Together as One) through physical activity. According to the organizer, 25,850 participants in 5,170 teams celebrated the sense of team cohesion at their companies over the three-day event.

This year was the first time that a Charité alumni team was among those participating. Aside from the run itself, we focused on the fun factor – and there was certainly plenty of fun to be had in the mixed team of current and former students and colleagues! The “ALLumni läuft” team was composed of Julius Rummich (alumnus), Tine Hassert (head of the alumni organization), Ida Retter (3R management), Makoto Kashiwabara (international projects), and Felix Schoknecht (student).

The athletes met at the Charité VIP tent, which served as the central point of contact and supply center, spectator stand, and venue for celebrating. From there and at various points along the course, spectators called out their support and applauded the runners in their dark blue corporate running shirts.

We announced our team spirit with snap bracelets in a superhero design, since after all, we were definitely everyday heroes ourselves! Team 868 was proud to log a time of 02:26:09, finishing in 2882nd place overall. 

“ALLumni läuft” was more about the experience than the time itself – and, of course, we really cheered for the winning team of the day, the men’s “BadBrains” team from Charité, which came in with a spectacular time of 1:32:47!



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