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Additional alumni event series

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Teamwork for “Impulse” lectures

Alumni outreach work at Charité is aimed at everyone who has ever studied and/or worked within Berlin’s university medical organization. Upon request, the internal alumni unit is taking on the academic leadership of the event series formerly known as the “Senior University” starting in the 2023/24 winter semester, working with nonprofit association pro seniores e.V. and also forging new ties between this series and the forums organized by Alumni-Club der Charité e.V.

The two formats are being merged under the new name “Impulse,” optimally pooling both capabilities and resources. Another goal is to make the series accessible to a wider audience and to use interesting findings from a range of academic departments to prompt an exchange of views and discussions among both current and former members of the organization and the older target group outside Charité.

The events will be held on Campus Virchow-Klinikum starting at 4 p.m. Wednesdays, every three to four weeks. Audience questions are encouraged after each talk. Prof. Axel R. Pries, former dean of Charité and President of the World Health Summit, got the ball rolling on October 4. In his Impulse talk, Pries spoke about the development of medicine, from Rudolph Virchow through to today’s global health initiatives. The next speaker is Dr. Laura Hatzler from the Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine. Further information about the talk and registration is available here on the ALLumni Portal, in the “Events” section. Members of Charité Alumni and pro seniores e.V. can attend free of charge.

pro seniores is a nonprofit association founded by members of Charité and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in 1995 to support Seniorenuniversität Berlin. The association’s official purpose is to give members access to a wide range of events at an academic level in various disciplines; the goal is for the events to offer stimulation and inspiration for interested attendees. The target audience is people who are interested in learning more about a broad array of scientific topics, regardless of their individual educational backgrounds.

Alumni outreach work at Charité is organized in two strands for maximum efficiency and impact. The internal alumni unit provides free programs and services at the BASIC level, while Alumni-Club der Charité e.V. offers additional benefits in the paid PRIME category. The two sides work together under the Charité Alumni umbrella, communicating through a range of channels and offering networking opportunities and other benefits.




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