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Charité Alumni: structure further consolidated

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Prof. Isabella Heuser-Collier and Tine Hassert elected new chairs of the Alumni Club

The members of Alumni-Club der Charité e.V. came together on September 22 to celebrate the nonprofit association’s 20th anniversary. The event was held in the Lecture Hall Ruin at the Berlin Museum of Medical History of Charité on Campus Charité Mitte. In addition to the Science Slam, the annual meeting of members was also held, and a new board was elected in the process.

The new chair is Prof. Isabella Heuser-Collier, a senior professor and the former head of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurosciences on Campus Benjamin Franklin. Tine Hassert, head of the alumni team at Corporate Communication, was elected to serve as deputy chair and treasurer. Other new board members include the association’s secretary, Leonie Hermes, who is studying medicine, and Prof. Adelheid Kuhlmey, head of the Institute of Medical Sociology and Rehabilitation Science, who also served in the role of Vice Dean of Education from 2014 until 2020. The following were reelected to the board: Prof. Axel Radlach Pries, President of the World Health Summit and former dean (2015–2022), Prof. Joachim Dudenhausen, former dean (2001–2004), Prof. Ingrid Reisinger, formerly Vice Dean of Education (1999–2004), and Dr. Bärbel Fuhrmann, a graduate of Charité.

Alumni-Club der Charité e.V. was created in 2003 at the request of the Executive Board to launch alumni outreach work at Charité. The internal Charité unit began its own alumni work in 2018. Following restructuring activities in 2020, the two units were brought closer together in stages under the “Charité Alumni” name under Pries, who was then serving as dean.

The board election served a dual purpose, further strengthening the shared Charité Alumni structure by intensifying the desired connections between the internal and external alumni organizations while also bringing in younger officers and members.

Alumni outreach work at Charité is aimed at everyone who has ever studied and/or worked within Berlin’s university medical organization. Alumni outreach work at Charité is organized in two strands for maximum efficiency and impact. The internal alumni unit provides free programs and services at the BASIC level, while Alumni-Club der Charité e.V. offers additional benefits in the paid PRIME category. The two sides work together under the Charité Alumni umbrella, communicating through a range of channels and offering networking opportunities and other benefits.

We would like to congratulate the elected members of the board and look forward to continuing our successful work together.


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