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Cosy hoodies are always welcome

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"Together we're a unit" – our team look

Tine Hassert, Petra Cyganiak, Holger Baumann, Cornelia Schlee, Christian Buschkow / © Charité | Sophie Meuer

Current and former students and members of Charité were in with a chance of winning one of three cosy hoodies from the new Charité collection; all they had to do was register for the free ALLumni portal.

All in all, 62 participants had entered the draw by registering for the portal before the deadline and our two student supporters randomly drew out the names of the three winners.
Finally, 10 June was our chance for the delayed presentation, in bright sunshine and with our happy winners! And they are:

  • Cornelia Schlee, who works at the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH) preparing samples for next-generation sequencing and conducting sequencing operations.
  • Petra Cyganiak, who works in PR at the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center.
  • Holger Baumann, who works in the Clinical Quality and Risk Management department ensuring our high quality of care standards are maintained and that patients are kept safe.

A cosy hoodie is a prized possession and the perfect choice for those spring evenings when there may still be a chill in the air, protecting you and keeping you safe and warm – just like we want you to feel with Charité Alumni. And as of today, we now have an amazing 1,111 members in the backend of our free ALLumni portal!

We want to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to everyone using our ALLumni portal to help strengthen communication and networking and to reach their goals!

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