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Fireside chat with Dr. Joachim Seybold

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What does our Deputy Medical Director’s job involve? What ideas motivate him, and what are the factors driving him? Dr. Joachim Seybold, a university lecturer who holds an MBA, was born in Germany’s region of Swabia. He joined Charité after moving from Giessen in 1999. Seybold’s first stint here was in the Medical Department, Division of Infectiology and Pneumonology, under Prof. Suttorp, first as an assistant physician and later as a senior physician. He also completed the habilitation process there. He moved to the Medical Directorate of Charité in 2005 and took on the position of Deputy Medical Director in 2010.

In his work with the Chief Medical Officer, he focuses especially on providing patient care that is safe, smooth, and always high in quality. Patient safety, disaster preparedness, emergency planning, continuing education and training in the healthcare professions, and similar topics fill his day-to-day schedule. In acute emergency situations, including outside Charité itself, Dr. Seybold and his team arrange the necessary structures and resources for immediate action, even leaving them in place for longer periods when needed in some cases. These longer-term activities have included the medical aid provided to refugees since 2015 (with access to vaccination programs, psychiatric care, and health screenings) and heading up the Charité COVID-19 Pandemic Management Team, including organizing testing at airports and for patients and employees.

He is deeply involved with international aid activities, including humanitarian projects in Africa and Ukraine, and also provides support in the Global Engagement unit at the Charité Center for Global Health (CCGH) and in his work with the Administrative Office for International Affairs.
Attend our online event to learn more about the wide range of what Dr. Seybold does and who he is as a person.

To register for the event, please go to “Registration” below and click “Register for event.” You will receive an automated e-mail containing a link to the event after you register.

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