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Science Slam as part of the Long Night of Science

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Three young researchers got the chance to present topics of specific interest to them to audiences this past Saturday, June 17, during the Long Night of Science held throughout Berlin and Potsdam. Each presenter gave a ten-minute talk at the packed Paul Ehrlich Lecture Theater, condensing their medical research into an entertaining, accessible, and relatable form as the lay audience listened raptly. Afterward, each “slammer” took questions from the audience.

Lisa Budzinski, German Science Slam Champion, showcased her presentation skills outside the competition as well, guiding people through the program. She kicked off the evening with her witty and articulate “Opferslam” and went on to present her “Horoskot” – a play on the German words for “horoscope” and “poop,” in which she discusses the predictive power of intestinal bacteria was followed by Jeremy Liam McCarthy, a third-semester medical student at Charité, who got the audience excited about his topic, 3D ultrasound and bioprinting. He passed around replicated parts of human skeletons, which really impressed viewers.

Charité alumnus Dr. Volkan Aykac has remained true to his alma mater in various roles. He also currently serves as a senior physician at Evangelisches Geriatriezentrum Berlin, which specializes in geriatric care. His presentation, “Smarties & Bonbons,” was about the use of multiple medications as a key element in treating health conditions in the elderly – and ways to avoid this practice.The fourth slammer, alumnus Dr. Tim Hollstein, is currently completing his residency in endocrinology at the university medical center in Kiel. He presented what he called the “cake paradox,” complete with a rap segment to bring home his message: that excess body weight is a key risk factor in various diseases and should be prevented wherever possible.

Charité alumni had decided as a group to recognize all of the presenters equally for their research work. The slam’s three winners were greeted by thunderous applause. to the generous support of our sponsors, we were able to present each winner with a T-shirt from the “Zusammen ein Ganzes” (Together as One) collection, provided by Alumni-Club der Charité e.V., and a €100 gift certificate to use at medical publisher Medizinisch Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft.


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