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Science Slam during the Long Night of Science

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Science straight to the point: the Science Slam will see young and young-at-heart scientists presenting their research topic in record speed and in an exciting, entertaining, and easy-to-understand format. The audience decides who wins!
This event series, organized by Charité Alumni, aims to showcase the diversity of subjects being explored by emerging scientists and will kick off live and in person at 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 17, in the Paul Ehrlich Lecture Theater at Campus Charité Mitte (CCM) as part of the Long Night of Science. More slams are in the pipeline.

So, what are you waiting for?
Register as a slammer and become one of four (budding) scientists to put their research results in the spotlight.
It doesn’t matter which department of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin you’re from, we’re calling on you (yes, you!) to provide humorous and vivid insights into your research topic so that even non-experts can grasp it.
Whether thesis or research project, every slammer will have a ten-minute time limit to present their topic and ultimately win over the audience. The audience will have five minutes to ask questions after each presentation. Once everyone has taken the stage, the audience will vote for the person who delivered the best, most creative, and forward-looking content.

Do you want to put yourself forward as a slammer and present your research topic to an enthusiastic audience?
And: Do you also feel young enough to pass as an “emerging scientist”?

If so, then submit your application to by Friday, April 28, 2023. In addition to providing your name and project/topic, please also briefly outline your concept (i.e. how do you intend to deliver your presentation, do you need any materials for it?).

We’re especially looking for slammers who are students, doctoral candidates, junior professors, or young visiting scientists at Charité from a wide range of disciplines. The language of the event will be German.

The four slammers will be selected from the pool of applications by a specialist panel on the basis of predefined criteria and will be notified in writing.

You don’t want to slam, but don’t want to miss out either?
Then join the audience and make yourself heard by clapping as loud as you can for your favorite presentation!


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