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Team relay race 2023

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...Charité Alumni is off and running!

Our networking mission knows no bounds:
On June 8, SCC Events is once again holding a team relay race – and Charité didn’t want to miss it this year either.
Helping people stay healthy and fit is a priority at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, so it’s paying the entry fee for 1,000 runners.

The athletes running the 5x5 km team relay race are usually cheered on by passersby along the way, making for a great atmosphere. If you’re interested, simply leave a comment below in the field provided.
Charité will also be giving all its runners a running shirt specially designed for this year’s race to motivate and unite them. When signing up, please also tell us your shirt size (S to XL) so that we can arrange one for you. Food and drinks will be provided in the Charité tent on the day.


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