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We’ve wrapped up a busy April...

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... and hit the ground running for a busy May as well.

The lucky winners of our raffle met up on Monday, April 24, for the traditional Charité spring reception, which finally returned in person after a three-year break. The event was a huge success, with speakers including departing State Senator Ulrike Gote and the German federal minister of health, Karl Lauterbach. The subsequent get-together offered a chance for people to make interesting new acquaintances and refresh old ties.© Charité / Artur Krutsch

We hosted Prof. Detlev Ganten for our fireside chat on Thursday, April 27. He talked about his time as the founding director of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) in Berlin’s Buch district and his role as CEO of Charité (2004–2008) and recounted his experiences as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Stiftung Charité (2005–2015) and in the role of founding president of the World Health Summit (2009–2020).

And speaking of different stages in a professional context, this year’s team relay race is coming up! Our five-person team is made up of current and former students and colleagues, just as you might expect. We’re looking forward to the event on June 8!

Friday, April 28, was the deadline to submit topics for our Science Slam, to be held on June 17 as part of the Long Night of Science. We can’t wait to see the four candidates chosen to present their topics in this brief and entertaining format. Outside the competition itself, the German Science Slam Champion will be presenting and opening the event. Prizes are provided with generous support from Alumni-Club der Charité e.V.

The alumni division is a standalone organizational structure in its own right within Corporate Communication as of May 1. The change will allow for better use of existing synergies, among other things. Alumni outreach has been assigned to the CEO’s unit, highlighting its importance as part of the Charité model of integration, consisting of faculty, clinical practice, and translational research.
To raise our profile in the political scene as well, unit head Tine Hassert attended the annual conference of, the association of alumni organizations at German-speaking higher education institutions in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. At the member event, she was elected to serve a two-year term on the board.

We’re delighted that our little sounding board is continuing to grow. We have been meeting regularly since summer 2020 with volunteer supporters to tell them more about what we do and get feedback on our activities. This helps us better tailor what we offer to the needs of users.

We are now embarking with fresh energy on a new era in alumni work at Charité. We look forward to offering even more and better activities for you and working with you to make them a reality.


Bild (C) by Artur Krutsch.
vlnr: Tine Hassert, Maja Brott, Christian Buschkow


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