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Find out here about the benefits of your personal alumni email address. You will receive this as a member of the chargeable PRIME area.

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Alumni email address

If you have left Charité but would still like an email address that indicates your ongoing relationship with us, then you can use the alumni email address to continue to communicate professionally via Charité. This is just one of the membership benefits included in the fee-based PRIME package. Simply submit your application and the Alumni-Club der Charité e.V. will take care of all the arrangements.

So, why not take advantage of this exclusive offer?

Details and what happens next

Your Charité - email address

The leaving date for employees is the date on which their employee number is deactivated (in consultation with the human resources department); for students, it is the day on which they are unenrolled (based on information from the relevant academic administration department). In accordance with data protection legislation, your personal Charité email address will be deleted on this date and you will no longer have access to your Charité mailbox.

We recommend that you use the automatic response option to set up a “failed delivery” message with an alternative contact address – this should be done before you leave or are unenrolled.

In addition, you can have a personal “failed delivery” message with an alternative contact address set up via postmaster(at) for your account for the period immediately after you leave. You must submit this request before you leave!

After you leave Charité, the IT department (including the helpdesk) will no longer be able to assist you.

Your Charité Alumni - email address

You are cordially invited to join Charité Alumni before or after you leave, or during the leaving process. In addition to the opportunity to communicate and network with current and former students and members of Charité, this then also entitles you to use an alumni email address!

This requires you to be a PRIME member of Charité Alumni. Please register for the free ALLumni portal, then navigate to the fee-based PRIME area. Annual membership of the Alumni-Club der Charité e.V. is €25.