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A message from the Chief Executive Officer

Prof. Dr. Heyo K. Kroemer

  • Charité’s Chief Executive Officer

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Dear Charité Alumni,

when you joined Charité, be it as a student or a member of staff, you did so to advance your own development and to contribute to Charité’s development in return. The stretch of your personal journey which you walked alongside us now forms part of your own history as well as that of Charité.

Our aim is to deliver excellence, for the benefit of our patients and medical advancement. You have actively supported us in this aim. We would like to thank you for your commitment to this mission.

We would love to give you the opportunity to strengthen your ties with your alma mater, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. As a member of the Charité Alumni community, you will be able to access important news, join in our interesting events, and enjoy our special Alumni benefits. This is precisely what we would like to give back to you: the opportunity to stay a little longer.

You are of course welcome to get actively involved in our Alumni community if this is something you are interested in and able to do. Our young people, in particular, stand to benefit enormously from your personal experience and professional expertise. Please contact the Alumni team to find out more about options and opportunities.

I hope that you will continue to connect and engage with us and that we may soon have the opportunity to meet, or meet again, at one of our Alumni events. ‘Together As One’ - this is Charité’s motto and guiding principle, and I sincerely hope that, as a member of the Charité Alumni community, you will continue to feel and be a part of this ‘One’.

I look forward to seeing you! Yours,

Heyo Kroemer